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Enabling Conscious Leadership

At emintell, we know what it takes to become a great 21st century leader. Our purpose is to help you and your leadership teams fully unleash conscious leadership talent and impact, through one to one executive and leadership coaching, team coaching and other specialist support. We aim to support your organisation become both successful and healthy, focusing on leadership performance, brand impact and wellbeing.

The way we do this defines who we are:

Expertise – We are proud to be experts with master level coaching qualifications and accreditation, combined with extensive experience. We’re dedicated to using this for your benefit.

Impact – We’re focussed on working with you to produce excellent lasting outcomes for yourself, your teams and your organisation.

Curiosity – We’re driven by an innate fascination with how people, teams and organisations work. We know the best learning happens where there is genuine curiosity, warmth, playfulness and challenge.


Kindness – We have a fundamental belief in the importance and power of being kind and caring to ourselves and others. What we do is founded on compassion, mindfulness, empathy and trust.

Integrity – We believe in the power of being honest with ourselves and our clients. This is how we develop high quality relationships and outcomes, with a healthy level of challenge and support in a safe environment.

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“With no apparent effort, Elaine’s coaching helped me get to the nub of my issues and concerns and what I needed to do to address them. An excellent all-round experience which I enjoyed, learnt a lot from and added huge amounts of value. Thank you, Elaine.”

Alistair Rodger, former Chief Commerical and Operations Officer LateRooms.Com
Leadership Talent & Impact

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Our Leadership Expertise


Leadership Thinking

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Adjusting your leadership style in a post-pandemic era

The working landscape has changed irrevocably. Remote working, hybrid teams and the expectations of millennials and zoomer generations of employees, particularly,  makes the need for inclusive and emotional intelligent communication by leaders especially even more urgent than ever before.

Leadership Expertise

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Led by globally accredited EMCC Master Executive coach Elaine Akester, emintell enables high-ranking leaders and their teams to be truly great at what they do.

Our support is based on many years of rich experience, with the skills, track record and versatility to suit your circumstances.

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“Elaine is a superb leadership coach, who I believe has been a key catalyst for my development as a senior leader.”

Steve Williams, Marketing Operations Director, UK Tote Group

Client Impact

We’re proud of the positive difference we’ve made for many different individuals and organisations.

“The experience was wholly positive, allowing me to see my progress as well as the challenges that I still have. But more than this, the coaching improved my self-awareness and my ability to see in perspective my role in the organisation. It also allowed me to concentrate on my impact, to distil down what I really bring to the organisation. The coaching (and Elaine’s style) encourages a contemplative approach, so that you can understand why you come to work and what you really want to do – and to match that with your role or your career ambitions. I highly recommend Elaine as a senior leadership coach. “

Prof. Michael Stephenson, Executive Chief Scientist, The British Geological Society


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