Team Coaching – What is it?


Successful and effective teams are at the heart of every thriving organisation. Because of the increasing complexities wrought by operating in a global market, organisations are increasingly looking to their teams to provide collaborative and transformational leadership. So, members in teams now need to be effective leaders themselves whilst always remaining true to the vision and common purpose of the team.

What is Team Coaching?

Sustainable and Transformational Team Coaching

Rather than viewing team development as a series of ad hoc development interventions, team coaching is a much more sustained and comprehensive approach, usually lasting over a period of months. The key words here are sustainable and transformational. Team Coaching supports the team in really getting to grips with what is good and what is working within their relationship, as well as comprehensively addressing areas for development. It gives them time and the environment to come more aware of how things are and how they can be changed for the better. It uses a coaching and action learning approach, working on real issues, to maximise individual and group learning.  In summary, Team Coaching aims to create sustainable and mature high performing teams, that will enable break-through business results, in a culture of real teamwork and innovation.