Benefits of working with a team coach

Increases Clarity of Purpose

The team members will have greater clarity about their purpose, their collective and individual values and perspective. This increasing clarity will add renewed vigour and dynamism into the workings of the team.

Produces significant improvements in performance

Business results matter, and as teams are the engines that deliver the desired projects and results for a business, an intervention that produces quantifiable returns on investment is very worthwhile.

Generates positive changes in attitudes and behaviour

Increased self-awareness and understanding behind individual habits and attitudes combined with an action based focus, almost invariably leads to positive changes in unhelpful attitudes and behaviours, thus increasing the cohesiveness and performance of the team.

Improves communications with colleagues

By partaking in team coaching, members will be more understanding of each other’s values and perspective. This increased mutual understanding will lead to improved respect and understanding, translating into better communications and more streamlined productivity.

Generates increased focus on outcomes

As each individual gains greater clarity about their respective roles and how the team operates cohesively, this allows the team increase their level of focus and attention on the core desired outcomes.  Less time is spent in unhelpful communications, personal agendas, or behaviour which is generally unhelpful towards the effectiveness of the team.

Enables authentic accountability and responsibility

As each team member works through the team coaching assignment, they will become more accountable and responsible towards each other and other external stakeholders.  This will mean less “passing the blame” to other team members, when things go wrong. This will really help in developing resilience within the team as they learn to handle setbacks and successes in equal measure.