Team Resilience Programme Steps

Step 1 Discovery Stage

Understanding organisational context and challenges relating to resilience and
engagement. Interviews with a variety of stakeholders. Agreement on approach
and remit of resilience programme.

Step 2 Diagnostic Stage

Team readiness and assessment phase to identify where they are against the team resilience
model, current context, completion of individual assessments and agree key measures.

Step 3 Feedback on results

Expert coach feedback on results with individuals and with team as a whole.

Step 4 First resilience workshop

First interactive workshop designed combining a core element addressing the key behaviours
and mind-set at the core of a resilient mindset, and a flexible element which addresses the
themes that arose out of the diagnostic phase. Flexibility of approach is key to success at
this stage. Teams take responsibility for shaping their desired targets and share ownership
of taking actions towards achieving these, using principles of leadership team coaching as
per Peter Hawkins. Clarifying, commissioning and accountability are essential ingredients.

Step 5 Team coaching

Follow on team coaching to help the team deliver their resilience development goals, varied
depending on the programme scope.

Step 6 Assess progress and results

Reassessment of the key results and progress over the programme duration. Plenary group
session also recommended to address issues of sustainability of progress and to celebrate
achievement to date.