Personal Resilience Programme Steps

Step 1 Discovery Stage

Understanding organisational context and challenges relating to resilience and
engagement. Interviews with a variety of stakeholders. Agreement on approach
and remit of resilience programme.

Step 2 Diagnostic Stage

Individuals undergo a resilience profiling tool using an internationally validated tool,
along with other relevant diagnostic assessment.

Step 3 Feedback on results

Expert coach feedback on results with individuals.

Step 4 First resilience workshop

Interactive workshop designed to combine clarity around what resilience is, key components
and the benefits of developing your own resilience, in connection with your well-being.

Step 5 Second resilience workshop

Follow-on workshops and ongoing support agreed at the design stage.

Step 6 Assess progress and results

Option to re-assess and complete diagnostic. Plenary group session also recommended
to address issues of sustainability of progress and to celebrate achievements to date.