Personal resilience programme


“The ability of an individual to perform consistently at an optimal level, retaining flexible cognitive, behavioural and emotional responses, irrespective of prevailing, challenges and conditions” (adapted from Neenan and Drydens definition of personal resilience, 2002)

Our approach

  • Our approach within our Optimal Personal Resilience is based on the following factors:
  • It is built on a foundation of solid research including the latest approaches and recognised interventions in the field of resilience;
  • The fact that all aspects of resilience are developable traits;
  • Acknowledgment of the relationship between resilience and levels of engagement, happiness, well-being and enhanced performance;
  • The programme encompasses leading edge interventions such as mindfulness, compassion and emotional intelligence;
  • Support and compassion are core components of both the Optimal model and our approach. It enables individuals identify and improve how supportive and compassionate they are to themselves and others;
  • Building personal efficacy is an important element in our approach along with identifying and maximising individual strengths;
  • It enables individuals to adopt a proactive and sustainable approach to managing their resilience;
  • The model itself is flexible and delivery can be shaped and adapted dependent on the findings that arise at the diagnostic stage if that option is chosen.