• How engaged are your people in their work?
  • How effectively do they deal with change and challenge?
  • What are the overall levels of well-being and motivation within your workforce?
  • How good are working relationships within your teams?
  • Are teams and individuals maximising their potential?
  • How well do individuals or teams deal with challenges and set backs?

Optimal Personal and Team Resilience Programmes are specifically designed to support people in developing and sustaining high levels of resilience.

Optimal Resilience Programmes offer a proactive and flexible approach in the development of resilience based on highly credible psychological research and evidence. Resilience is a developable trait and like any trait, using the right approach and interventions in a structured framework will make a real difference to levels of engagement and performance of your people, whether in a team or individually.

Creating an engaged workforce – the case for resilience development

Recent research estimates that just 1 in 3 workers in the UK are fully engaged in their work. The costs to employers and the UK economy of this lack of engagement are estimated at £26 billion in terms of lost GDP. The costs of absence due to stress, anxiety and related mental health difficulties in 2011 were estimated at 8.4 billion pounds. Research shows a strong link between levels of engagement and positive well-being. Baker et al 2008.

Our flexible and leading-edge approach Optimal programmes incorporate the very latest approaches in increasing resilience and overall well-being, including mindfulness, compassion and acceptance. We can apply a range
of flexible assessment tools including an option to have levels of resilience within individuals and teams measured using an internationally validated tool. Both programmes can be delivered directly by resilience experts, Emintell Ltd & Natures Coaching Ltd. Our aim is to equip the individuals and teams with personal development tools that ensure future sustainable development.