Measuring Resilience

In previous posts, we considered what mental resilience and also ways in which individuals can improve their overall resilience. I now want to address an important component in building workforce resilience within organsations, and that is to effectively measure it.  Being able to measure resilience across a range of core attributes, is an invaluable starting point in any well planned resilience programme.  The generated report gives both the individual and the coach supporting the feedback process, indepth information about their levels in each of the core  4 C’s of resilience, Confidence, Control, Commitment and Challenge.  From this, the coach working with the individual  can build an effective development plan, which specifically targets areas and the individual has a clear plan of the actions and behaviours they need to take to improve their overall levels.

In addition, if persistent themes emerge across a range of individuals/departments, any training workshop can be created to ensure these areas of weakness are specifically targetted. the beauty of the assessment process is that it can then be taken again at the end of any programme of coaching and development. This will produce a clear picture of “the distance travelled”, and can show real progess which can directly feed into building a “return on investment”. The measurement is also easy to use, and excellent value for money, being one of the least expensive tools in the marketplace.

emintell  is accredited by AQR to adminster it’s leading and proven resilience measurement assessment called MTQ48, (so named because the questionnaire consists of 48 questions in total).   It has been externally validated by a number of universities, is endorsed by the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Managment) and is currently being assessed by the BPS (British Psychological Society).  MTQ48 is extensively used in the NHS, and other leading public  and private sector organisations. For more details on MTQ48 or any aspects of the resilience training and programmes that emintell offer, please contact emintell on 07740 188031.  emintell is holding a breakfast briefing on Organisational Resilience on the morning of the  14th February 2013. Full details are available  at  View Upcoming Events section of emintell’s website