Key Note Speaking Offering

If you are looking for a fresh, engaging and highly credible person to present at your organisational conference, here’s your answer.

Elaine is a highly experienced presenter and key note speaker. She has 20 years experience in leadership and management, and is an increasingly requested conference and seminar speaker. Some of her main topic speeches are set out below. However, if you have a specific requirement and it is not listed here, please contact Elaine directly.

People Engagement  – Supporting Employees to go the extra mile

A recent report by a dedicated government taskforce has found that 20 million people in the UK are operating at less than full capacity, and that a the economy can deliver a further  26 billion pounds by better engaging employees at work. In this presentation Elaine will consider, the differences between transactional and transformational engagement, and what it is that successful organisations do to fully engage their workforce. What lessons can be learned from these organisations? How can you apply some of the proven approaches in your organisation?

Resilience   Why it matters and how organisations build and maintain it

(Sustaining Optimum performance in challenging times)

In these challenging times, the ability to maintain high levels of performance and wellbeing is crucially important. An absence management survey carried out by CIPD in 2011 confirmed that stress is the number one cause of long term absence from work. The aim of this presentation is to explore the latest research and thinking in the area of workforce resilience, and to consider the successful approaches organisations are using to sustain it.  The presentation will be informative, engaging and you will take away plenty of food for thought together with some practical ideas to trial in the workplace. Elaine will also be discussing emintell and Natures coaching unique resilience programme Optimal specifically aimed at developing individual and team resilience.

Leadership in the 21st century – Greatest Challenges and Opportunities

The world in which we operate as individuals and organisations is complex, constantly evolving, and increasing time pressured. These complexities, especially those presented by technology and increasing globalisation also present huge opportunities to those individuals and organisations who have the vision and the strategic ability to harness them.  This speech is aimed at having an honest, open and sometimes provocative discourse on the greatest challenges and opportunities facing successful leadership in the 21st century.


Breaking the Glass ceiling – How to encourage and retain female talent to support the Leadership function

Despite a raft of initiatives, female leadership is still not moving towards anything like parity with their male counterparts. What are the reasons for this? Do women have the appetite for the challenge and pressures afforded  by senior leadership roles? Is it still too difficult to combine a leadership position and raising a family?  The aim of this speech is to explore the case for supporting and retaining female talent particularly for leadership roles.

Elaine is a key player in driving the female leadership agenda in Nottingham City, and has been instrumental in developing a successful female mentoring leadership scheme in the city. This will be a provocative, sometimes funny but always honest appraisal of this important issue. Elaine will interweave her own experiences of running a business and raising a family with the latest research and commentary on this important organisational issue.

Coaching Supervision in Large organisations

As more organisations develop their own internal coaching capability, the requirement for supporting the coaches best practise is increasing. Emintell recently conducted a survey into what large organisations are doing to meet the demand for internal supervision.  Elaine discusses the results of this survey as well as presenting other key information on the trends in coaching supervision and CPD.

Coaching as a organisational development driver

Coaching is now firmly established as a key tool in improving personal and professional effectiveness. A recent ILM study confirmed this with over 80% of those surveyed indicating that coaching. Increasingly however coaching is being used to drive organisational development.  What are the approaches being utilised by organisations, and how does coaching fit in the overall mix? What are the emerging trends and developments within coaching and how will organisations benefit from these developments.  This is an engaging and practical look at how coaching is being deployed in organisations.

Positive Psychology – It’s Place in Organisational Development

People have conflicting views about the emerging positive psychology movement. One view is that it is oversimplified, not based in realism and impracticable to apply. Another view is that it has a lot to offer to the overall mix that supports people engagement and organisational development agendas. The aim of this speech is to explore it’s development and to assess both it’s positive and negative components and attributes. Elaine will consider organisations who have incorporated some of it’s principles and also consider its place in strategies for bringing about organisational change and development.