Executive Coaching – Our Approach

The basis of the coaching may start with gaining an in-depth understanding of the issues the individual(s) and engaging organisation wants to work with.

180 and 360 degree feedback review

Alternatively the process can start with the completion of either a bespoke 180 or 360 degree review of the individual’s performance. This can provide the individual with some clear feedback on key strengths and areas for further development. emintell can provide this as a service as part of the coaching assignment, or can provide the coaching element on it’s own.

Shadow Coaching

As well as individual coaching, the assignment may include a period of shadow coaching. As the name suggests, this involves the coach being in the presence of the coachee at meetings and presentations, so that the coach can gather first hand information about developmental areas of concern.

Process of Engagement

As a professional coaching organisation that adheres to the EMCC’s (European Mentoring and Coaching Council’s) code of ethics, it is important that any engagement covers all the essential aspects of a professional and ethical contracting process. This is the process we adhere to:

  • An initial chemistry session with proposed coachee can be arranged         to ensure a “best fit”, where required as a first step.
  • An initial 3 way contracting conversation with the engaging client and proposed coachee to understand and agree the desired coaching objectives and outcomes, discuss confidentiality and ethics, the proposed method of evaluation, costs and duration.
  • Assuming agreement is reached in all the key areas, a written engagement contract is entered into. The contract of engagement must be signed and exchanged before coaching can commence.
  • Coaching commences for an agreed period of time, but usually for a minimum of 6 months extending to up to 12 months, and beyond, if required.
  • Regular, midpoint and final evaluation of progress against agreed outcomes
  • Reflection on progress made and formal close of the coaching engagement.

 Non-directive approach

Emintell coaches work from a non-directive stance. This means we believe wholeheartedly in the individual’s ability to identify and develop the optimum solutions for their particular challenges. Our role as professional executive coaches is to follow the individual’s interest, hold their agenda and provide incisive and intelligent levels of listening and questioning which will provide the individual with the confidential space to explore their own deeply held values, beliefs and resulting behaviours.

Qualifications and Accreditations

Emintell coaches are qualified at a high level, and are members of the EMCC (European mentoring and coaching council) which is one of the main bodies responsible for the standards and emerging regulation of the coaching profession. We undergo regular supervision with experienced coach supervisors. All coaches also take part in on-going continuous professional development as this ensures that the coaching delivered is always of the highest quality and integrity.