Executive Coaching – Focus Areas

We focus on five key areas:

Director and Board level Coaching

People engaged at this level experience high expectations and pressure, both externally and internally. They need to be very competent in a number of key areas, be highly resilient individuals, who can respond to challenging situations, and have a really positive personal impact. Operating at this level can be extremely challenging, not least because of the assumption they need little support themselves. It can be a lonely experience, so the opportunity to work with a professional coach with appropriate calibre¸ can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of individuals at this level.

Coaching for female leaders

Despite the advances made by women in the career place, the fact is that despite the ever increasing numbers of women entering the workplace, their numbers are not reflected in the numbers of senior level appointments made.

The challenges faced by women especially in taking on senior roles are varied and complex, so supporting these women transition into leadership roles will provide invaluable support as they establish themselves and their own personal style of leadership.

First 100 days in a new leadership role

The first 100 days in any management role are key. There is a steep learning curve and the individual is expected to engage almost immediately with the requirements of the role, whilst establishing themselves within their supporting staff team. Coaching is specifically geared towards supporting the individual become comfortable and confident in the role, whilst hitting the ground running.

Transitional Coaching

This coaching is aimed at individuals who are undertaking a lead in organisational change initiatives. The ability to have in-depth individual coaching with someone they trust and with whom they can reflect on their challenges and successes en-route is invaluable.

Personal Branding Coaching

This is specifically aimed at leaders who want to develop their personal impact and brand within the organisation they work in. This involves supporting the individual in exploring their communication and presentation style with an emphasis on developing a style and brand which reflects their own authentic self, their signature presence, but one which is powerful and effective.