Case Studies

What they say

Public Sector

“I was introduced to Elaine through the rolling leadership programme of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC L4N); where she has engaged in personal leadership coaching for myself and colleagues.  Due to some unpredictable circumstances and rapid evolution of my own role, I have necessarily provided some extremely challenging case studies.  In working through these, I have found Elaine to be thoroughly engaged and insightful; drawing upon her training and experiences to skilfully facilitate my own problem solving and decision-making.  Her blend of empathy with firm, constructive challenge have resulted in truly invigorating sessions which enable me to define clear, deliverable actions and allow me to close off issues effectively.”

Prof Axel Miller, Acting Director, Scottish Association for Marine Science (RCUK-NERC Delivery Partner)

British Geological Survey  

360 degree feedback supported by 1 to 1 coaching and professional development training

Elaine was my coach for a 6 month period as part of a recent  major change initiative within NERC  (National Environment Research Council). Elaine’s thoroughly professional approach is clearly based upon a very deep knowledge of her subject area, coupled with considerable experience across a range of business environments. I was particularly impressed with her ability through incisive questioning and summation techniques, which made me, draw conclusions about myself, some of which were uncomfortable for me. This is a particularly effective method of improving performance and impact. I recommend her without hesitation. Dr. Richard Hughes, Head of Information Delivery and Knowledge transfer British Geological Survey, Nottingham  

New to Senior Role in large Public Sector Body

The purpose of the coaching was assist me in stepping into a new and challenging management role in the British Geological Survey (BGS) which was to involve strategic planning and communication and staffing issues. Elaine has a thoroughly professional approach to executive coaching. She effectively organised and shaped the 6 month coaching programme whilst allowing ample time to explore issues and the psychology of my comfort zone in respect of my coaching needs. She produced regular summaries of progress and at the end an overall review of progress and recognition of my core values. Many of the topics and approaches discussed have been applied and evolved into my daily work leading to improved performance. Elaine has excellent people skills, is a clear communicator and skilled at analysing and synthesing facts, comments and intuitions that reflected back to me the nub of a particular problem or issue. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a business/management/corporate coach and believe that I have significantly benefitted from the experience. Dr. Martin Smith, PhD, C. Geol, Head of Geology & Landscape British Geological Survey, Edinburgh, March 2011  

Fast track management academy –  Adidas

Working with Elaine has been a rewarding and invaluable experience. Her empathetic and flexible coaching style has accelerated both my personal and professional growth by helping me learn to control the impact of my inner critic. Elaine’s open and encouraging manner allowed me to dissect my pre-conceived negative beliefs and as a result I have dramatically improved my self-confidence and self-esteem. The practical and theoretical solutions I identified during the coaching period resonate loudly with me and will remain a key support throughout my career. Emma McNamee, Business Process Manager Area North Academy Graduate, Adidas HQ, Stockport  

Executive Coaching – Communication and resilience coaching

I worked with Elaine as my executive coach over a 3 month period. ­During this period she was very successful in helping me address issues I was  experiencing at work. My performance was much enhanced as a result. During this period Elaine supported me in understanding my core values and beliefs, which help me, understand what makes me tick and adapt how I respond in certain situations.  I feel much better equipped both in my professional and work life as a result. Richard Booth, Commercial Manager Northern Foods, Nottingham  

Business coaching –  SME business owner

Elaine’s business coaching has enabled me to focus on the primary issues in my business, formulate an action plan and see it through to a conclusion in just 12 sessions. The results have been fantastic, ultimately leading to being awarded “Business person of the year” for Grantham. Wade Rowlett, Managing Director, Fairway Fixings Ltd Grantham, Journal Business Person of the Year  

Career transitioning – Senior leader in the justice system to writer and leadership development

Elaine is coaching me through a major life transition.

I was speeding down the motorway of success, driving at top gear in my legal career, and the engine was burning out. I had had enough.I then slowed to a crawl and veered in to a comfortable cul de sac unable to find my way out, then  I found Elaine. She has motivated and inspired me to stay on the road less travelled. To follow my passions of writing, teaching and leadership. To feel the fear and do it anyway.She has provided me with tools to maintain focus and belief in myself, and to plan and organise to achieve my clarified goals. Her wisdom,skills and kindness have helped me to navigate this arduous journey and guide me towards my destination. Thanks for your encouragement and support. You have helped me so much to crawl out of my cul de sac!!!

Kate Carty,  former senior leader in the justice system

Third Sector – Personal impact and Confidence Coaching

I benefitted from 6 monthly sessions of coaching from Elaine Akester. The coaching greatly improved my confidence. I became much more aware of my communication style and the impact it had at others in the organisation. I had numerous opportunities throughout the period to put my learning into practise and see the benefits. I found Elaine to be an excellent coach. She is a very good listener, very intuitive and excellent at keeping me focused and on track to achieve my overall objectives. Val Guinness, senior manager, The Charity Commissioners, Liverpool  

NHS PCT  – Management  At a crossroads

What can I say. I was stuck, truly at a crossroads. The intensive coaching afforded me a unique opportunity to step back from the fray, assess  my options, my core values and beliefs, decide on a course of action and  implement a course of action.  Through this Elaine was the streadfast catalyst for my changes, always supportive, always challenging, always championing me to the fullest. I recommend her wholeheartedly. Greenwich PCT, NHS      

Facilitation and Training

Women’s leadership development programme – Saudi Arabia

“I had the privilege of working with Elaine Akester in facilitating a very successful female leadership programme in Saudi Arabia in January 2015. Her experience and leadership abilities have been evident at all stages of our business relationship. In spite of several unanticipated challenges, she overcame these, demonstrating great resilience and successfully designed and delivered all aspects of the programme to 20 assorted women leaders from throughout Saudi Arabia.  Feedback from the participants was excellent and we are now focussed on delivering further women leadership development programmes throughout the Gulf Council countries with Elaine as our lead.”

Hemal Chhetri, CEO The Khazon group, Bhutan

Mentoring Essentials course

“I attended emintell’s course ‘Mentoring Essentials Course” in September 2013.The day long course was well planned, informative and interesting. Our tutor, Elaine Akester, knew her stuff and she facilitated the course in a relaxed, participatory way but at a smart pace. The course content was an excellent mix of theory, practice and discussion and we came away with a clear framework of how to mentor as well as the confidence and tools to get on with it”       Jane Todd OBE DL, former CEO Nottingham City Council

Improving personal resilience for optimum performance workshop

The course is well grounded in research and best practice and provides excellent insight into the topic of personal resilience. The style of the whole event was relaxed but focussed and made for an enjoyable and productive interaction with the other attendees   Dr. Andrew Woodward, Director, Hilltop Partners, High Growth East Midlands

I’d recommend this programme for its practical and insightful approach to the subject. Understanding what builds a resilient character has helped me to focus on my current strengths and to build on them. Small group work with open, frank and confidential discussion makes this a real opportunity to learn and grow.Louise Third, Director, Integra Communications Ltd

The workshop was really well presented and delivered. Elaine skilfully evidenced throughout the session that resilience can be improved. I would recommend this course, wholeheartedly to anyone interested in understanding and improving their overall resilience. Mel Davitt, senior nurse practitioner, NHS

Public Sector – Edinburgh Napier University

Elaine worked with our team, for two years, running facilitation workshops for new students in their induction week. She was very professional in her approach to the project, confident with the students often in very large groups and had excellent feedback. I highly recommend Elaine. Patricia Igoe  MCIPD, Professional Development Facilitator Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland  

Third Sector

Surestart Children’s centre – Positive parenting Programme of workshops

Thank you for your facilitation of the recent parenting course here at the children’s centre. I think one of the great results is the way the parent’s horizons have been broadened to new possibilities and a belief in themselves. Thank you for your flexibility in responding to the needs of the group. It is a new venture and there is no doubt the positive outcome is in no small measure to how you met the needs of the group. The group of parents is keen to continue to meet and provide support for each other which is terrific. Denis Tully, Community involvement Worker, Surestart