180 & 360 Degree Feedback

Carrying out either a 180 or 360 degree feedback on an individuals’ competencies and performance is an excellent way to begin a developmental programme.

Even in the most enlightened organisations, it can be difficult for people to give transparent feedback directly to an individual, especially it that person is in a position of authority. The Feedback process can provide the individual with really helpful feedback with a level of confidentiality that ensures the people giving the feedback are honest in their assessment. The majority of people are pleasantly surprised by the results of their feedback process

It can help to boost their confidence and self-belief in areas of high competency.  It can also highlight where the individuals performance and competency needs further development. This is particularly true of interpersonal skills, communication and personal impact.   As these interpersonal skills are the difference between a good and a great leader, it is essential that these are addressed.

180 degree feedback 

This involves the individual obtaining feedback from the individual’s manager and peers.

360 degree feedback

Here, the individual request feedback from all levels of people he/she works with including manger, peers, direct reports, administrators and stakeholders outside the organisation, who have dealings with the individual. This has the advantage of giving a more complete picture.

How does it work?

Emintell will listen to your requirements and develop a bespoke feedback.

The feedback process can be effected in two ways.

  • By telephone interview. Emintell will call the invited participants, individually at a pre-allocated date and time and go through the questions and note their responses.
  • Alternatively, Emintell sends out the feedback questionnaire directly to a number of invited participants for completion by a set date. The completed forms are then confidentially emailed back to Emintell, who then collates the responses, carries out the requisite analysis and produces the feedback report. The report will contain an introduction, a summary, together with detail under the various headline areas. The report is the confidentially emailed back to the individual concerned.  A meeting takes place shortly after receipt at which point the coach and the individual go through the key findings.

Emintell can provide bespoke 180 and 360 degree as part of a coaching or leadership programme or as a standalone service.